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Guangdong Honghua Construction Co., Ltd

Focus on steel structure design and construction services


Guangdong Honghua Construction Co., Ltd.

Who We Are

Guangdong Honghua Construction Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Honghua) is a construction subsidiary of Guangdong Huayu Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Huayu is a light&heavy-steel processing base that covers an area of 0.15 million square meter. The annual production capacity of the company can reach 0.15 million tons. The company have qualification of first-class Steel Structure Manufacturer and are the important fabrication bases in South China. The company focus on processing technology research of various types of steel structures processing technology research and development and is a leading company in this industry. As a subsidiary construction unit of the Group, Honghua has qualification of first-class Steel Structure Professional Contractor, second-class Steel Structure Design, first-class Curtain Wall Professional Contractor, first-class Decoration project Professional Contractor, first-class Environmental Protection Project Contractor, first-class Foundation Project Contractor, second-class Housing and Construction General Contractor, second-class Municipal Project Contractor, labor services, etc . 

The company has advanced manufacturing equipment, production lines and a number of professional R&D construction personnel. Honghua can fabricate and install both high-rising building steel structure (such as commercial office buildings, hotels, high-rise residential ) and space building steel structure(like airport, exhibition center and stadium). Moreover, we can not only fabricate and install multistory light-steel steel structure(such as all kinds of industrial plants, storage, supermarket) ,  but also we can fabricate steel highway bridge as well as various complex types of curtain wall and equipment steel structure.

What We Do

Focus on steel structure design and construction services


Why Choose Us

The company have obtained the qualification of first-class Steel Structure Manufacturer from Chinese Steel Construction Society and Category S1 of an accredited Structural Steel Fabricator from Singapore Structural Steel Society. We can design and fabricate masterly the steel works that approved by various of national Standards such as GB, BS, AS, EN, SAA and CE. The company have also passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification. We are production suppliers that provide steel structural works of exhaust system of gas power equipment for General Electric Company and Siemens Electrical Apparatus Ltd. The Company also are supplier that fabricate and install HVDC transmission project converter station from State Grid.


In the past few year, the company have done many projects with a influence at home and abroad, such as steel spiral stair of Huawei Sakata Base A9&A10 Reconstruction project, Shenzhen Futian Gymnasium Park, the main structure of B7 multiple-use building of Shenzhen airport, steel pedestrian bridge on Shenzhen Binhai Road, Guangdong Global mansion, Guangzhou Flying Disk Training Center, several stations of Express railway project of Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Guangzhou BRT Pedestrian bridge, Dongguan Yulan Opera、Terminal Bus Station of Dongguan City, several railway stations in Hainan island, Jiangxi Xinfeng Bus Station, Steel Ramp Bridge and Pedestrian of Zhaoqing Rail Station, steel structure workshop of CSSC Longxue shipbuilding base, Honda Metal Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd, Jiangmen public wharf logistics park, Guangzhou zhuhai Gree Air-Conditioner plant, Shenzhen BYD auto plant, Daya Bay CNOOC steel strucutral corridor, Shunxing Quarrying Co., Ltd -Dongsheng Group, Hengye Sanitary Products(Fujian)Co., Ltd, transmission project converter station from State Grid in Lhasa, Qingdao, Baoji, Xiangtan, Taizhou, Erodos etc, Terminal for Hong Kong West East Kowloon Project, H.K. border control building of Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao bridge, Middle East High Speed Rail Station, Brunei Imperial Navy Base Repair Factory, Singapore Marina Sand Hotel, Singapore Sentosa Museum, Sultan Savagin Passenger Greenhouses and Quarantine Center project.

After many years of specialized operation and training, We have developed as a most cost-effective steel structure supplier that can provide full service for customers. Adhering to the concept of quality-based and customer-oriented, depending on the advantages of professional  technical personnel and complete mechanical equipment, the company is strengthen the external links and internal guide, intensifying scientific and technological innovation. With a full quality control & construction system, we can provide from complete design , production to site installation for the domestic and foreign customers. And we will develop with customer to develop construction and steel structural products sales at home and abroad market.